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It is now generally recognized that every physical condition can go through 6 phases. To give you an example: a simple cough in phase 1 can develop into a very serious lung disease in phase 6 – via another 4 intermediate stages.

Thermography is in phase 2, so it detects at the beginning of a possible problem. This means that it is generally still possible to reverse this process. Thermography is therefore above all a preventative method. And medical care should, in our opinion, be a lot more about this anyway!


If you get a ‘sneak preview’ in your health, using thermography, you can also stay at the steering wheel yourself and do whatever it takes to restore the balance in your body. In the thermography report that you receive after the treatment, you get the necessary preventive health advice.

A network of experienced therapists

Of course it happens sometimes that we notice a thermography that seems to have developed further than phase 2. In that case we would like to refer you to one of the excellent doctors and therapists in our network, who are all well acquainted with medical thermography.

You will continue to control your own health. But the whole team of De Groene Zuster would like to think along with you!

Our thermographers

Francine van Broekhoven

Owner of De Groene Zuster, has followed her training in medical thermography in the United States in 2014. As a certified medical thermographer, she is an expert in the field of breast health.

Besides that Francine works as a medical thermographer, she also gives training in breast health and trains new thermographers. Francine can be found regularly at presentations throughout the Netherlands and Belgium.

Frauke Boer

Frauke is a certified medical thermographer in the Northern Netherlands with offices in Groningen, Assen, Hoogeveen and Drachten.
In addition, Frauke translates the reports that come from the doctors and holistic therapists and will speak to you in the call appointment.
In her own pratice, Leeef! she gives VLOW breast tissue treatments, coaching, energetic treatments and setups.

Maja Faasse

Maja Faasse is our thermographer from Brabant. She gives coaching in vision on your life, your lifestyle, helps with questions about cancer and prevention.
Maja gets energy when she can help people with these questions. Maja has years of experience as a Foot reflex zone therapist.
She studied Chinese medicine, Sensi therapy and has done many refresher courses in complementary medicine.

Monique Wanders

Monique is in her element in her vitality practice. Every client request for energy or health evokes her qualities as interest, drive and accuracy. That is why the holistic approach to Biophoton Therapy, hormone balance and nutritional expertise expanded last year with Medical Thermography.

Employees of De Groene Zuster

Ilse van Broekhoven Damen

Ilse is the daughter-in-law of Francine, Ilse is present at our office to update the accounts and send the invoices. In addition to this work, Ilse is also making with care, love and attention. The Bio Prothese.

Irene Westerdijk

Irene is our telephonist and will go through the report that we receive from the physician with you. [...]

Stein van Broekhoven

Stein is the man who protects the clients data. He is our controller of the GDPR Act as far as the clients data from the physicians Insight website in the U.S. and our medical registration system.
Physicians Insight is the interpretation service that De Groene Zuster uses to submit her studies. Both doctors and therapists work at this organization.

Victor Vermeulen

Victor is the person who is engaged in maintenance of the website. He is also the supervisor of your personal data regarding the requests for newsletters, and the data that we receive in the webshop.
Victor maintains a GDPR contract with Active Campaign. We are obliged to have a GDPR contract between European and non-European companies. This is satisfied with this. Active Campaign is a platform where our newsletters are made.

On this website and in lectures you will hear the following:


At present, one in seven women in the Netherlands is diagnosed with breast cancer – an alarmingly high number, Francine van Broekhoven also found. That is why she studied the phenomenon of breast health, with the idea that women should be better informed. In addition, it is important that women have access to a preventative research method such as thermography.

What Francine has touched most on her quest is the ignorance of many women about the way breast problems can arise, and what they can do to prevent this.

This made her decide to give women good information about breast health, and to start preventive breast health studies using thermography. Francine’s mission is now: Promoting breast health.

In addition to the breast examinations, Francine and her assistants also offer full-body studies, for both women and men.

Francine lives in the Netherlands and travels along with her colleagues to almost twenty locations in the Netherlands and Belgium to carry out the thermographies. She is also a trainer in Medical Thermography and teaches breast health to women who are interested in breast health workshops.

In May 2016 her first book was published: the Handboek Borstgezondheid (publisher Akasha). A telling quote from this is:

“It is time for women to wake up and start to wonder what they can do to keep their breasts healthy. They must be supported with a research method that is safe and radiation-free and is also suitable for women from the age of 23. “


  • 90% of breast diseases are caused by lifestyle.
  • You can make healthy choices with the right information.
  • This way you can lead a relaxed life and look at your breasts without fear.

Visit one of our lectures for:

  • answer to the questions that almost no one spontaneously asks about breasts;
  • tips for prevention and self-examination;
  • information about risk factors;
  • a critical view of the existing research methods;
  • everything about breast examinations with thermography.


The Groene Zuster is a member of IAMT, a worldwide organization that keeps medical thermographers  up-to-date on current guidelines and offers opportunities for professional intervision. Members of the IAMT meet every two years to exchange knowledge. In May 2016 and July 2018 Francine received an Award from the IAMT for special merits. Francine is also Vice President for the IAMT.


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