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Medical Thermography

Medical Thermography: what are you choosing for?

Using thermography we can do preventive breast examination. This is done with an infrared camera which is safe, painless, safe and suitable for all women.

With this method we can give you clarity about the health of your breasts. From each thermogram you will receive a personal report (MD or DNM or HD). This report explains how healthy your breasts are. At a high risk level, we will refer you to your doctor for clinical follow up.

At a low level of concern, we provide you with many tips for healthy breasts and body. This is what The Green Nurse is good at!
Many tips make sure that we can keep our breasts flexible and healthy throughout our whole life.

Medical thermography as a research method

Borstonderzoek met Medische Thermografie

Breast examination with Medical Thermography

Modern Medical Thermography is based on measuring the temperature on the surface of the skin. This measurement is thanks to the modern cameras (which don’t only make color images but also measure temperatures) so precisely that temperature differences can be measured which are less than 0,05°C on every millimeter of the skin.

Scientific research has shown that the body can emit insufficient warmth from deeper than 6cm below the skin. The camera is a detector and anyway doesn’t move into the body, not with waves and not with x-radiation. The surface of the skin functions as a cabinet that makes many connections and exchanges information between physical processes. In order te be able to put this in good image, we are working with the best software.

Features and prices Thermography

Baseline breast examination (2 breast examinations)

Two breast examinations are called the baseline. In three to six months we will have the greatest accuracy that we can have with thermography. In these months you can make improvement in the tissue of your breasts. The remarkable patterns that we might see on the first thermogram and the differences we see in the second thermogram together for us are the Baseline.

In other words, your blueprint. The doctors will look at this Baseline whenever you come in for your annually (or two years) breast exam. These new images are then compared to see whether changes have taken place. If a follow-up research takes place after 3 or 6 months is to be determined by the physician who writes your report.

There is another reason for making a Baseline. If there are malignant cells in the breasts we know they divide on an average of every 90 days. In a second examinations after 3 or 6 months we see changes occur.

Price: €415,-

First breast study (30 minutes)

A first time Breast examination. In this complete study nine images of your breasts will be taken from different angles.

Breast examination is important because in this early stage changes can show in the physiological processes that can later develop into breast complaints.

Price: €245,-

Breast examination continuation (30 minutes)

After your first breast examination all other follow ups are seen as a continuation and are offered at a discount. A follow-up study is important to establish the Baseline. Later these images are compared to see whether changes have taken place.

The follow is recommended 3 to 6 months after your first examination.

Price: €195,-

Women study including abdomen (60 minutes)

This option contains the entire breast study plus abdomen to look at digestion. 23 pictures are made. Also, your head, neck and back are studied for signs of allergy, cavity problems, possible causes of headaches, dental and thyroid problems, carotid artery inflammation, and early signs of cardiovascular problems.

Prevention is an increasingly important part of health care. Early detection of changes in physiology can help prevent problems.

Price: €345,-

Men study (45 minutes)

The most popular study in men are of the heart and blood vessels. In addition, images are also made of the head and neck to look at sinus problems, dental problems, the state of the thyroid and carotid and possible causes of headaches.

Many diseases start with inflammation which can be detected in an early stage with an infrared study.

Price: €315,-

Full body study (about 60 minutes)

In this comprehensive examination we make images of your body from head to toe. Besides this study also includes the lower back, arms and legs. Special attention is paid to the blood vessels. For example, there may be predisposed to varicose veins.

Price: €475,-

Regional study (about 30 minutes)

If you have a specific question about a part of your body then you can have that examined in just an half hour. You can have questions about varicose veins, or if you want to monitor if the inflammation in your jaw has gone away after your dentist treatment.
A regional study doesn’t give you an overall view of your health but zooms in on that one thing you want to know. This study along with a questionnaire will be send to the physicians who will make a report from it. This report will be discussed in a call appointment witch will follow in about 14 days. We encourage you to take these photos to your treating therapist, specialist or doctor.


Price: €125,-

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